Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yet Another Book Recommendation...but this is a really good one

Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner (who wrote "In her Shoes)

What I like about this book compared to the prior book club selection I read?

The book is VERY relatable on a lot of levels. The premise of the book is 4 women who come together through their experiences with childbirth. Becky is a plus sized mom to be, who is a laid back chef and extremely down to earth and takes a lighthearted humorous view on life and pending motherhood. Kelly is a wanna be ubermom, she could be any volvoescalademuranomobile upwardly mobile mom in my town. Ayinde is married to a famous basketball player trying to balance her new baby and on the road husband. Lia has come home (book takes place in Philadelphia) from Hollywood after a tragedy to try to build her life again.

I am about 1/2 way through the book. Its a very easy book to put down and pick up again (which is sort of the way I read being a mom and all). The childbirth experience of Becky is so relatable to me, it was like the author was in the room with me. Spoiler alert..... Becky labors all night and gets to the hospital to find out she is only 3cm and crumbles into tears. Been there.

What I also like is the relationships between the women. All 4 come from completely different backgrounds and come together as friends to support one another in these trying times. There is a great scene where ubermom Kelly is trying to breastfeed the first day home from the hospital and realizes nothing is working to get the baby to latch on (why does everything work perfectly in the hospital and never when you get home).

So far, I love this book, I love the way Jennifer Weiner writes and I highly recommend it. It would be fun book to buy for other mommy friends for the holidays.


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Alex Elliot said...

I loved that book. We read Good in Bed for book club and then I went out got Little Earthquakes.