Thursday, November 29, 2007

Holiday Crabbiness Setting in? (not for kids)

And its not even December yet...

How to keep T from being crabby this holiday season?
  1. Don't let children drink her "special" eggnog

  2. Don't mock "It's a Wonderful Life", including George Bailey or Uncle Billy

  3. Compliment her wreaths and timeliness of decorating her home

  4. Send Elves, lots of Elves

  5. Don't say things like "I like snow, I just hate driving in it..." you either like snow or you don't

  6. Don't play Dominic the Donkey or I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas over and over

  7. Let her drink as many pomegranate cosmos as she wants

  8. Don't buy her anything with a handle or that plugs in unless its a sex toy

  9. Don't get offended when she calls the kids in "Charlie Brown Christmas" little f*ckers

  10. Don't ask her if she's been naughty or nice



Kris said...

oh my

me thinks you need a cosmo

my house Sunday?

Dana said...

This could be my list too!