Friday, August 15, 2008

Til Death Do Us Part

I love the fall. Why? Many different reasons.....but one of them is that I was married in the fall. On a crisp October morning at 11:00am, in a grand Roman Catholic church with a long aisle and a booming organ, I was married to the guy I met in 1983 when I was 15 years old.

This October, my hubby & I will celebrate our 11th anniversary. We met in high school but didn't become and "item" until he was a sophomore in college. We dated with our ups & downs (like most couples) and then bought a house together after dating for 7 years.

We bought an adorable 2 bedroom ranch in a small town in Massachusetts. It was an old house in good condition that had wainscoting in the living room, hardwood floors throughout and an ironing board in the wall! I had so much fun decorating & playing house with my future husband.

Life was simple.

We both worked full time M-F. I would get home at 4pm, tidy up and make a wonderful dinner for the two of us to eat our home......together. LOL. It was like playing "house". I LOVED it!

I burned candles, sipped wine, played music, entertained friends on the weekends & decorated my little house for each and every holiday & season.

We went out every weekend and dined in a variety of restaurants, stayed in different hotels to attend friends' weddings and danced the night away in the arms of the man that made happier than I ever thought I could be. And we actually learned to dance a real dance.....the box step is all....but we felt so good in each others arms and knew we looked good together.

On occasion, I shopped at Pottery Barn.....because I could afford it back then. And because I wasn't afraid of uncapped markers being left on the sofa or soggy graham crackers being ground into the fabrics. On one of my shopping trips, I picked up a trendy CD from the register area with a collection of old time music on it. Sinatra, Wayne Newton, Rosemary Clooney, Dean Martin.....

On that CD, there is a song that perfectly captures my life as it was back then. It is a song called "More" by Bobby Darin.

So now, in 2008........2kids, 2 houses, 3 cars later.......I played that CD last night while I was cooking dinner for my family and for my husband that had been away on business all week. I hadn't remembered that the song was on that CD.....I had only remembered that I used to listen to it a lot, a long time ago.

It gave me chills and sent me flying back though time.......and I am so very glad to say that I am still very much in love with everything about my husband.

Enjoy a glorious weekend!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rules, Rewarding Bad Behavior and Get Over Yourself

Just wanted to add a somewhat snarky blog about a much talked about subject over the past few weeks in the Bahston area.


We all loved him. He helped bring us 2 MLB World Series Titles, the first of which hadn't happened in 86 years. But I have to was time for him to go. I don't think it takes a huge sports fan to understand the concept of rewarding bad behavior. So I say KUDOS to the Boston Red Sox management for NOT rewarding bad behavior. OK, did they turn the other cheek for years while Manny played by his own set of rules...yes. Did they make the right decision in the end to trade him when push came to shove (pun intended)....absolutely. The day of the trade, you could not put on any local radio stations without the news being talked about from classical music DJs to the local college metal DJs. So it was a good life lesson opportunity for my kids as we drove home. If you act like an ASSSSS you will be sent packing, no matter how good you think you are at your job. Cal had no idea what I was talking about...there are only 2 athletes in her life-Tom Brady and David Ortiz (Big Papi). And surprisingly enough, Cat understood. She was always a big Manny fan.

And 2 Get Over Yourself Comments (not Bahston related, not necessarily sports related)

Katherine Heigl

(I know this is old news) but every time I see her picture I want to vomit. Declining an Emmy because the material in Grey's Anatomy is not good enough. OH FOR "F" SAKE ITS TELEVISION!!!! I know with movies like "Knocked Up" "Under Siege 2" and "Romy and Michelle, In the Beginning" under her belt one would think she is a master thespian, but lets have a little perspective, it's not the Nobel Peace Prize it's an EMMY, and you are not really a doctor.

Brett Favre

Please go away and do something productive.....please?

Rant with you lata!