Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Good Cry for a Tuesday

I watch (or listen to) the Today show while getting ready for work and schoolbus. They had the most tragic and touching story this morning, that I was in a puddle on the floor after listening to the interview. The full article is here.

Below is an excerpt
"On May 4, Lori Coble, 30, was driving home from lunch on Interstate 5 with her mother, Cynthia Maestri, 60, in the front seat of the family’s minivan. Behind them were Kyle, 5, who was playing a video game, Emma, 4, who was watching TV, and Katie, 2, who had fallen asleep.
Traffic was moving rapidly in the center and left lanes, but the right lane was stop-and-go with cars backed up on the Mission Viejo exit ramp Lori Coble intended to take. She remembers looking back while the car was stopped to check on her children, and squeezing Katie’s toe to wake her up so she would be able to nap when they got home.

What happened next she knows only from what others have told her.
A tractor-trailer loaded with 20 tons of electronics and traveling an estimated 70 mph slammed into the back of the minivan, killing all three children and seriously injuring Lori Coble and her mother...."

Lori and her husband are now expecting triplets, 2 girls and a boy. They are also advocates for Truck Safety Coalition, a citizen’s lobby working for stricter regulation of the trucking industry. According to the coalition, some 5,000 lives are taken in accidents with big rigs.

It just amazes me how after a tragedy like they had that they could go on with their lives and it makes me think about the many blessings I take for granted every day.



ellies_mom said...

So, so sad. I don't know if I could move on after something like that. It scares me to even think about it.

CherCroppin said...

Wow, what a tragic story with a beautiful future! What an amazing story! Am so moved by this, and yes, makes me thankful for my Blessings! Thanks for sharing!

LuvMyBoyz said...

That broke my heart, I am so glad that they are getting a second chance to be parents, but their hearts must ache everyday.

Kris said...

I am one of those people that believes God only gives you what you can handle. This story challenges that theory. How could they or why should they have to endure sure intense pain.

I am glad that they are expecting again and will once again have some joy in their lives.

Those stories make my stomach turn.

I am not sure I could go on after something like that.

She must have a strong marraige because sometimes you hear that couples fall apart after big life-changing tragedies.

Thanks for sharing...makes me thankful for what I have.

Wonders said...

There is so much tragedy around us everyday...it's amazing how we can find happiness in the midst of it!