Friday, November 23, 2007

Some turkey and shameless posing with local pop star

So folks, Thansgiving went well. We had our annual football game with the neighbors. I admit that I am the worst quarterback ever as I threw an interception, fumbled the ball and also fell down and basically sacked myself. My hip is sore this morning and I played for about 20 minutes before officially starting cocktail hour.......

So to the shameless posing. My neighbors are aunt and uncle to a bass player in a very hot band who is rising on the charts quickly. The band is called Boys Like Girls and are a punk/pop/emo type band. They are very good and have toured with All American Rejects and are going to start a new tour with Avril Lavigne. They have been on MTV TRL and Jimmy Kimmel. Very exciting for my preteen Cat. So of course I had Cat take my picture with him so some day I can tell my grandchildren that I was once kinda cool or was in the vicinity of cool people. He's actually a very nice guy and I hope he and the band do well..