Monday, November 19, 2007

I Don't Know How to Play Anymore

My older daughter had a friend over on Friday night for dinner and to keep little sister Cal off of her back, I said "lets play Sorry or Uno." "No mumma, lets play Barbies," which I agreed to since my favorite thing to play as a little girl was Barbies. "Ok, lets go."

So after picking out the doll and fabulous outfit she'd be wearing we sat down to play. I asked Cal, "what are the Barbies doing today?' "Well, her name isn't Barbie, mom (she calls me mom when I am being annoying) , its Emma and we can do whatever you want." "Ok, lets take the van out of a drive." "No mom, its not a van, its a camper and Emma can't drive it."

"Ok, do you want to cook dinner in the dream house"


So Emma was cooking and Cal's Barbie was dancing around and I realized I don't know how to use my imagination anymore, what is my Barbie (ahem I mean Emma) going to do with herself today? I had to take most of the direction from my 6 year old to be able to play Barbies for a half hour. I realized I STINK AT THIS. Cal was patient and eventually Emma and her friend Lizzie (Cal's doll) went for a hike and made popcorn and tended to horses, but again, I had to take most of my direction from my poor daughter. I truly have no imagination left in me. When I was a kid, I could play Barbies for hours and hours and hours.

What happened?



Pam said...

I think is has something to do with the sleep deprivation that we endured those early years! I know that with my 3 year old and 7 month old...I have no brain left- being creative or imaginative would just be way too much! I can barely remember where I put anything so I have a hard time playing playdough, barbies, etc. But, don't worry, you get bonus points for trying and worrying about it!

Kris said...

Poor Trish!

You still have a great imagination! It's just the imagination of a 39 (ahem) year old and not a 6 year old.

You occasionally look into the fridge with not idea of what to make for dinner and come up with something edible for your family!!

THAT'S imagination!

Remember the 3 days you spent entertaining your girls on vacation prior to your husband's arrival??

Imagination again!!

I've had one of your let's-see-what-I-can-make cocktails and they always come out pretty good!

You just have a grown up imagination now!!

WorksForMom said...

Oh you still have your imagination it has just evolved. I think it's called Mommy Brain. I suffer from the same thing. :)

winslow1204 said...

I love spending time with my daughter.. Our favorite thing to do together is cooking.. we love to cook together!:)

MissFancyPants said...

LOL - Your story reminds me of learning to play "cars" with my oldest son when he was little!