Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last Man Standing

And then there were 7.....
Three cheers to the 7 that remained at 3am in Trish's backyard at the conclusion of the Event of the Year on Rona Lane...Trish's 40th birthday party bash!
I am sure that when Trish's head stops pounding today....or even tomorrow....she will post a story & some pictures and tell you, like only she can do, about all of the party happenings.
In the mean time.....
Love, KC

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston You're My Home


As you know I am a New England sports fan, born and raised. I often blog about the Red Sox and my silence after the Superbowl this year probably spoke volumes and perhaps it was a bit two faced of me. Lets face it, I am a big baby... pun intended

Let me say this. Each sports team that I celebrate (or curse) represents fond memories of my childhood. Being raised in an almost all male house (with the exception of my tomboy mom), I learned about Boston sports at a very young age. One of the biggest bonding moments with my father was at the old Boston Garden. Or should I say The Gahden. Back before tickets were as big of a financial burden as today's gas prices, going to a sports event in this town was like going to McDonalds.

That being said, I used to go to the Celtics games with my dad as a young child and watched the "BIG 3 " of my time, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parrish in the early 80's. So a hearty congratulations to the Celtics for winning their 17th NBA championship. Although the game was played at a new Boston Garden, seeing folks like Bill Russell, Bob Cousy and John Havelcheck gave me that old feeling of driving in my dad towards north station early in his red Toyota corona hatchback...of course no seat belts and he was probably drinking a Narraganset for the ride over. We would stop at the north end for some Pizzeria Regina and head in to the rat infested Garden hoping we wouldn't have a cement girder in my our way and watched the games. At the time we had only 14-15 banners for NBA championships. Now we have 17.

I love the old parquet floor, I love the accents, Red Auerbach's cigar, the pipe smoking leprechaun, the noise, the fans...the Celtics of old and of new. This has been a renaissance long in the making.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can I be sad? or mad?

Do I have any right to be sad or mad??!!

This is a blurry, not so good shot of my old cute, little gingerbread house.

It was pale yellow with hunter green shutters, tons of beautiful landscaping all over the yard and a lush green lawn like a golf green. There was something blooming in the yard all year long except during the dead of our New England winters.

My husband designed & built the mahogany wrap-around deck on the back just in time for my oldest child's 1st birthday party.

Our bedroom had a window seat that contained a cushion with beautiful fabric on it that my grandmother sewed to match the curtains.

There was an ironing board that folded into the wall in the kitchen.

We sat on lawn chairs, ate pizza & drank champagne on our first night in that house.

The people that bought our house didn't take care of it at all!! There are junk cars (several) and a half covered boat in the driveway.....along with tons & tons of just stuff everywhere in the yard! The landscaping in the front doesn't exist has all been ripped out.

I don't pay the mortgage there anymore but hubby & I put all of our blood, sweat & tears into this little home to make it quaint & inviting....and to make it......well.......a home!

This was our first home.

My husband proposed to me when we lived there.....

I got married when I lived there....

My water broke while I was standing in the kitchen....

I brought our first child home to that house.....

I rocked my baby boy at 4am and watched the milk truck deliver milk to the elementary school down the street.

I walked my son in the stroller to see the fire trucks at the station in the center of town from that house....

I cannot help but almost feel betrayed.

Silly. Things don't matter. People do. But my memories lingered there and I almost feel like someone has erased them now.

Boo hoo.