Friday, August 31, 2007

Free Hugs

I love this ...


Hangovers...not just for kids anymore

What was I thinking....

Last night I went to a pre-season Patriots game.

It was a gorgeous, warm New England evening, perfect for an exhibition game and some mild tailgating.

So off I go with my fellow blogger friend, Pats fan and neighbor, Kristine . We bring our cute little sandwitches, chips, water and a few beers to have some quiet mommy time with no kids.

At least that was the plan.

It just so happens that the hubster's friends were also at the game. So we packed up a couple of beers and went in for a visit.

That's when the fun began. Kristine got into a discussion with friend A about hockey (a common theme in Kristine's life-she will be blogging soon about it I am sure). I decided to hang with the slightly younger crowd who weren't waking up at 6:30 to get the kids on the bus and go to work.

4 beers later....

I go into the stadium to attempt to kidnap Tom Brady. My plans were quickly diverted when I saw the new line of $25 dollar T-shirts.... (not a good decision since I had to send in 20 dimes for my daughter's lunch out of loose change I found in my husband's car).

Ok, new T-Shirt on, off to find Tom...wait a minute, do I see MARGARITAS at the concession stand??? $9.50, well that seems reasonable...give me 2.

...later that same evening....

Look, here comes a drunk that...oh no...Trish

Ok, now I look like this (...note the new shirt)...pretty...

So my question is....why are hangovers so difficult to get over now that I am in my late 30's? Let me tell you, at 6:30 this morning I would have given anything (even my new Patriots shirt) to sleep for another 4 or 5 hours. Oh and the new shirt...wore it to bed...oh and this morning when I got up and looked in the mirror, my first thought "where the hell did I get this shirt?"

Back to the hangover...In my earlier days, I would simply roll out of bed (from my dorm room most of the time), go to McDonalds, eat greasy food, slug down a Coke and be done with it. Actually I could usually start drinking again within a few margarita is passing these lips in at least 2 weeks. Oh and apparently I ate something last night that was salty (perhaps fries) because my hands are so swollen, they look like cabbage patch doll hands. I am looking at 2 days of hard time for this little debaucle. Oh and the hubsters friends, I am sure they will be sharing stories of "how funny your wife is!!!" What a spectacle


"What a drag it is getting old'Kids are different today,'I hear ev'ry mother sayMother needs something today to calm her down"-Rolling Stones

Thursday, August 30, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Coach: How's life treating you Norm?
Norm: Like it caught me in bed with its wife.

Coach: How's life treating you Norm?
Norm: Like I just ran over its dog.

The Scene: My house, 8:30 pm EDT August 29th

Hubby was supposed to stay home today (which is like a day off for me) so he could get some stuff done around the house, grocery shop...blah blah...(he is a good boy that hubster of mine)...He logged into work to put his out of office on and found out he needed to go in today, which instantly put him in a rotten mood. I realized I would have to be on the ball in the morning so I really should have put down that 4th Amstel light I was guzzling.

Cat announced that she has read 62 pages in her new book for school. Which was odd, since she only read for 20 minutes. She asked me to sign her homework sheet saying she read..hmm ..ok...lets review what she read. She couldn't recall the main characters names, where the story took place or the plot of the story...of course the Cat/Mom fight insued which has been a theme in my house since she turned...9.

So I stayed up last night to watch the Red Sox vs Yankees....and well didn't work out the way I wanted it....A-Rod hit a home run to add insult to didn't sleep well...

This photo is an old one, but I love it and will always post it when talking about the Yankees

This morning...God only knows what hour it was dark that's all I know. I wake to find the hubster standing at my bedside in boxers and big rubber boots on....

Now this could only mean 1 of 2 things.................

my first thought was "Yay ...some kinky role playing at 5:30 am on a Thursday..."

Not quite

When I finally came to my senses I realized that somewhere in my house there was water deep enough for my husband to be wearing boots.....

BASEMENT...into the playroom, very leaky pipe......

My only hope that this day will not be completely ruined is if my fellow blogster Kristine and I have an enjoyable time at the Pats preseason game this evening and she pumps me full of margaritas...

A kiss from Tom Brady would be nice as well


"Each misfortune you encounter will carry in it the seed of tomorrow's good luck" ~Og Mandino

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Diaper Birth

Did anyone catch this article?

Seriously? wow...... I am a bit speechless


Monday, August 27, 2007

Got School? Do Tell?

With school arriving for a lot of us within the next few weeks, I thought it would be nice to write a letter to each of my girls. If you would like to write a letter or post a picture, feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog


Sunday, August 26, 2007

To Cal on the Eve of 1st Grade

Dear Cal,

I hope the following for you as you enter 1st grade:

I hope your friends love your new haircut (girls can be pretty with short hair-you are right!!!)

I hope you make lots of new friends, I know how much you miss Kaleigh

I hope you understand why I can't be in the class as much as we both would like

I hope you love gymnastics

I hope Miss M loves your non sequitors as much as I do

I hope you still love tacos on Thursdays

I hope you still love art and continue to draw me incredible pictures

I hope your new sneakers help you run fast

I hope you make everyone laugh at school as much as you make Dad and I laugh at home

~Love Mom

Dear Cat on the Eve of 4th Grade

Dear Cat

On the eve of 4th grade I hope the following for you:

I hope you continue to be an enthusiastic write

I hope you and Kate enjoy another year in class together

I hope you remember that being part of a team is more important the amount of goals you score

I hope you find a good seat on the bus tomorrow morning

I hope you will still keep an eye out for your little sister

I hope you still give hugs to Mrs C, your second grade and my favorite teacher of all time

I hope you remember your friends at your former daycare/afterschool program and meet lots of new friends at your new program

I hope you don't see me following the bus to school tomorrow

I hope you know how proud mom and dad are of you and what a wonderful person you are

~Love Mom

Cal's Non Sequitor of the Day

Ok, 7:46 am on a Sunday morning....week 3 of no coffee...
Mike downstairs reading the paper
Me lying in bed trying to cope with school starting on Tuesday....

Cal "Can I crawl in bed with you"


"Mom, mumma, mumma, mom"

"yes Cal, lying right here" (why did I have that 4th margarita last night?)

"On the moon you walk like you are underwater right...?"

"yes, you are soooo smart Cal"

"Mom, mumma...."

"yes, still here" (do I still have Benadryl in my medicine cabinet?)

"Did you know that you have to approach penguins very quietly" (Cal's obsession with penguins kicking in again)

"uh hmmmm" (that's it, how could one coffee hurt today)


"yes lovey"

"Is Mia (cat) righty or lefty?"

"uhhhhh, can you ask dad?"
Ok, everyone out of bed, I am up for the day....and very confused......



How do octopuss' go to the bathroom? (that was the last question I heard as I was making a mad dash for my coffee)

Even when freshly washed and relieved of all obvious confections, children tend to be sticky. ~Fran Lebowitz

Friday, August 24, 2007

Photo Friday with the CHBM

My friends at the Crazy Hip Blog Mama's photo Friday are showing friendship photos. I have been fortunate enough to be able to take 2 mini vacations with one of my childhood friends at beautiful cape cod. So now our kids are all friends.



Thursday, August 23, 2007

Goodbye to daycare

Cal and Cat have been going to the same daycare since Cal was 4 months and Cat was 3 1/2. I have had my ups and downs with the center, but overall it has been a truly wonderful, consistant and comforting place for my girls. They provided full time care when they were little, after school care once they were in school and a summer camp. Cat is now 9 1/2 so she is too old to go there anymore. Starting next week they will be at a new after-school program for older children.

Tomorrow is their last day.

Today they had a talent show and Cal and her best friend Haley sang a song together to bring down the house. Haley and Cal have been together since they were 4 months old. They got up together, held hands and sang their little hearts out.


Cal sang it tonight at dinner in her very raspy voice.....

"I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly

I'll do what it takes til' I touch the sky

And I'll make a wish

Take a chance

Make a change

And breakaway"

of course I burst into tears (6 years they have been together going there).

Caroline said "that's ok, I know those are happy tears"

I am still crying

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sad but true....

I know I am much more excited than I should be about an inanimate object. But it's the greatest addition to my household since the birth of my daughter in 2003.
Honestly....I shine it daily and make sure I use it once for every meal.
Oh...did I mention I'm a SAHM??
no kidding.....

Play Clothes

Like Trish, I too moved to an actual neighborhood recently...and so far it has been amazing. There are lots of kids for my 4 1/2 year old to play with (he has even developed a major, stalker-like crush on the 11 year old girl next door...), some very cool adults that we have started to hang out with, and we are in love with our house. Last year held such major transition for us - and now I am pinching myself, feeling so lucky to be where we are (complete with adorable new baby girl!) and feeling like I can breathe... I can now focus on living our day-to-day lives without managing some major life transition.

And yet....with all of this good, I was unprepared for some of the peripheral changes that would come with being part of this new community.

I'm talking about playclothes.

Not playclothes for the kids, but playclothes for me. In our old house when we went outside to play, it was just us and the birds and bugs. Now, going outside means that we will almost certainly strike up lengthy conversations with the aforementioned cool adults. I would find myself standing self-consciously in a ratty Patriots t-shirt and baggy shorts, having a lovely conversation with the mom across the street who was sporting hip Bermuda shorts with matching tank top and fancy flip flops. I try not to be a follower, but let's face it - it was time to invest in some casual, trendy-but-not-too-trendy, flattering playclothes. [The flattering part may be a stretch with my current post-partum-waistline, but let's not split hairs.] [And speaking of hair - I have long ago given up trying to ever look as put together as these gorgeously straight-haired ponytail-wearing hair will always be curly and probably a little frizzy and sometimes inexplicably looking like I have a combover.]

My wardrobe changes on a typical work day used to be as follows:
1. Business casual work outfit (OK - more casual than business, truly)
2. On arrival home, change immediately to pajama bottoms and ratty t-shirt
3. At bedtime, lost pajama bottoms

Now I need to introduce a 4th category - playclothes.
I guess it's a small price to pay. Now I just need to convince my husband that wearing his see-through white tank top undershirt outside is no longer acceptable! Frankly, it never was...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Halloween approaching???

I am outraged!

I had to check the calendar! We got a catalog in the mail today with Halloween costumes in it!!
Do you have any idea what this does to children under 12??!!

It gives them a one-way ticket on a one-way train to Halloweenville!

Halloweenville is that little spot on your brain where you become OBSESSED with Halloween! It makes you talk about Halloween at the breakfast table. It makes you surf the net for the latest Halloween costumes. It makes you call your friends and ask if they know what they will be for Halloween this year. It makes you rip apart your closet until you unearth the costumes from past years. It makes you ask,"Mom, when can we go trick or treating?" It makes you sleep with the catalog in your bed!!!

The stores are no help! CVS has an aisle of goggles & beach balls for 70% aisle of markers & notebooks & pencils for Back to School....and aisle of Halloween candy & pumpkin window clings....and an aisle of Christmas ornaments!!

Did I mention that today is August 20th??!!!!
PS...Here are my 2 Goblins that are neighbors with Trish's 2 kids. The Stormtrooper is my 8 year old son, Stan and "Stephanie" from Lazy Town is my 4 year old daughter, Libby.

Are we ready yet?

1 week from tomorrow, school in my town starts (yes before labor day-boo hoo)

Are we ready?

No we are not.....

My favorite back to school picture from 3 years ago (above).

Where did the summer go?

Why does back to school stir up so many issues for me?
-End of Summer
-Post childhood stress
-The hunt for the perfect apple crisp recipe
-Patriots season
-RedSox breaking my heart in the post season???

Part of me has no use for summer after the 4th of July...Part of me thinks that this summer came racing to a close too quickly...where is my perfect tan?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ins and Outs of my twenties and thirties

As I approach the end of my thirties, I have been doing a lot of soul searching. Most of it from behind the wheel of my minivan as I try desperately to go from Point A to Point B in my day, which seems to be getting more and more challenging as my children get older.

So I mentally compiled a list while driving back from Target (had to pick up a new helmet for bike day at camp tomorrow for Cal).

Out (twenties)..........................In (thirties)
Brad Pitt ................................Clive Owen
Birth Control Sponge ............Vasectomy
Keg Parties.............................Women's Novelties Parties
Big Hair ........................Big Vehicles to drive kids around
Getting stoned ...................Getting Spooned
Rolling Rock Beer.................Blueberry Martinis
Pick up bars............................Picking up Barbies
Uncomfortable heels................Crocs
Belinda Carlisle.....................Brandi Carlile *highly recommended
Acting like kid.......................Being with my kids

Life is Good


Sorry Kristine...had to do this to you

"Amazing things happen every moment, the trick is learning to recognize them, Be Amazed!."

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Find Your Inner Grizzly

Found this on a great site called The Motherhood

Called Find Your Inner Grizzly


Do the following with your significant me

Ahhhhh Summer...

As Summer starts to wind down do the following with your significant other

Go to a farm stand and buy fresh tomatoes and basil

Get some nice mozzarella (the real stuff packed in water) or goat cheese

Cut up the tomatoes in bite size chunks and chop the basil

Throw it in a bowl

Add sea salt, pepper, drizzle with olive oil (you can also add a little balsamic vinegar)

Serve with crusty bread

Make your favorite summertime drink (I like Sangria)

Put the kids to bed early (we put them in our bed with a movie so they can doze off)

Sit outside and listen to your favorite CD's (take turns being the DJ)


Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight. ~Phyllis Diller

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trish, I know you're gonna kill me for posting this.....

...but your last post about 'Uber-nags' made me sad...I think especially because you and I know a lot of the same 'Uber-oids'.
I wish everyone reading your blog could know you like I do.
You are real.
And I'm glad to have you as my friend.
In honor of your great quotes at the end of every post, here is one dedicated to you....
"Sometimes i want to shout to the whole world how lucky i am to have you as my friend but sometimes i want to hush...afraid that somebody might take you away from me"...Anonymous

What is an Uber-Mom?

I live in a upwardly mobile suburban area of Massachusetts. I moved here 12 years ago before I got married for no other reason than the taxes were low and for the commuter rail which was easy access to Boston for the hubster. I wasn't looking at schools, housing costs blah blah blah. I was looking to move out of my parents house and to marry Mike...that was pretty much it.
Funny thing happened on my way to my late thirties...the town boomed.

I had my 2 children and continued to work.

And about 3 years ago I had my first experience with sending my daughter to public school.

I also had my first experience with an Uber-Mom

On Cat's first day of Kindergarten I was approached by the soon to be named, classroom mom. I had no idea what that was, but apparently its someone who assists the teacher in getting information out to the parents etc...

To hide her identity, lets call her Becky...

Becky the room mom was dressed in full Talbots casual wear from head to toe. Her beautiful highlighted hair was flipped out on the bottom and neatly blow dried. Nails, subtle, but painted, clutching her Louis Vuitton backpack. Of course she was petite and drove the largest suburbanescaladevolvomobile I had ever seen.

I hated her instantly....jealous perhaps (hell YA)

Apparently Becky's daughter and Cat were in the same $60 a month ballet school together so we got to talking. Not only was Becky's daughter in ballet, she also did karate, soccer, daisies and piano.

My first thought "where do you find the time, what does your husband do for work and are they HIRING?"

After I sheepishly admitted that my daughter was only participating in ballet, Becky's mom requested the ever so popular play date So I knew my next statement was going to go over like a lead balloon.

"...Well, I work full time so it would need to be a Saturday or Sunday..." (cough cough) as I nervously shifted my eyes around the room to see if I was going to be thrown out for being a working mother.
"No problem, do you want to do it at my house or yours?" (yes she lived in a starter mansion)

As the years went on I watched Becky and realized she was truly Super aka Uber.

-Volunteered in the classroom constantly (she always got picked as room mom and to chaperone for field trips)
-Worked out in the best gym
-Perfect Straight hair that flipped at the bottom
-Said words like "terrific" and "super"
-Her kids were the first ones in school to have crocs
-Had lots of Southern Living home parties
-Called the Principal of our school by her first name (I never had the guts to do that)

If you are an Uber-mom, don't feel insulted...just feel envied!!!

As you can see by the image below...I am not all that UBER


"The disease of jealously is so malignant that is converts all it takes into its own nourishment...."

Joseph Addison

Friday, August 10, 2007

Feeling Blue?

Photo Friday

With the crazy hip blog mamas...check out their fun stuff

Cal's non sequitur of the day.....

When Cal is either excited or over-tired she launches into conversations that blow my mind...

This morning was no different:

"Mom, mumma, mom"
"Yes Cal, I am right here in the front of the van...I hear ya"
"Where does sound come from"
(ooooh she got me on that one)
"Uhhh, well, you mean, like your voice...that would come from your vocal cords"
(why oh why did I quit coffee this week)
"What do mice use for umbrellas"
"hmmm probably a leaf, or perhaps they would hide under a rock"
(my 9 year old is now looking annoyed at the both of us)
"I love marshmallows"
"me too too"

When we got to camp, Cat (9 year old) lept out of the minivan for help....

Come to think of it, my life is one big non sequitur.


Humor helps us to think out of the box. The average child laughs about 400 times per day, the average adult laughs only 15 times per day. What happened to the other 385 laughs?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cold medicine taking 2

My husband (who I have known for 17 years) and I often talk about how boys in highschool never get laid and lose all their girls to older guys.

This is why....

I love these kids, go to you tube and look for anything by Parkez17

'Tis Herself

Kudos to my older daughter Cat.

My girls go to an afterschool program/dayschool which turns into a summer camp. They have been going there for 7 years.

Every summer they have a talent show. Cat is a bonafide tomboy. I haven't seen her hair out of a ponytail since Spring, she wears sports t-shirts and baseball caps every day. The hubster and I are fine with it and are hoping to get a nice juicy sports scholarship one day ; )

Cat's group decided to do a song and dance to the song "Glamorous" by Fergie. Cat was hoping for a less "girly girly song" but she went with it because her friends (none of them tomboys) voted and she wanted to be diplomatic.

Last night she confided in me that her assigned camp counselor for this activity has asked the girls to dress up girly and bring in makeup (if they wanted) for the event. Cat said that she was not comfortable wearing makeup or girly clothes (she does own some-we have some diehard relatives who insist on buying her clothes to "snap her out of this phase"). I listened and gave her some options (wear the girly clothes or wear your regular clothes..blah blah).

Cat just emerged from her bedroom true to herself; basketball t-shirt, cargo shorts, sneakers and baseball cap. I asked if she was going to still participate in the event. She said "yes, and whatever happens happens."

I am very proud


Her little sister Cal looks like a drag queen today (total opposite)

This above all: to thine ownself be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” -Shakespeare-Hamlet

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

To the crazy hip blog mamas- childhood dreams

The girls at Patriots training camp + our favorite-Tom Brady
I wanted to be a professional football player...I know, sounds crazy right? I grew up with 2 brothers and barely any girls in the neighborhood. I didn't want to marry Joe Namath, I wanted to be Joe Namath.

I am developing into quite the linebacker these days so I will be spending the next few months trying to get back into running and cutting back on the late night binges....

Random thoughts on a Weds....

Woke up with a lovely head cold. Its 92 degrees with high humidity which is making the situation challenging.......blech

So now that I have doped myself up on cold medication so I can breathe slightly, here are my random thoughts of the day.

I Love Spongebob for the following reasons:

1) He is honest

2) He is a loyal friend

3) He is positive

4) He loves his job

5) He is in Wikipedia

6) Snappy dresser

7) He likes to swear

8) Masterful cook

9) Proud Pet owner

10)Good driver (he can drive blindfolded)

Recommendation of the day:
I am trying to drop some pounds..... Lean Cuisine chicken, spinach and mushroom Panini...very nice... (panini is in wikipedia love love wikipedia....)

Quote/Phrase of the day....
One of my co-workers noticed another co-worker acting flirty. He described this act as "feeling yummy"..... "Look at Grace, she is feeling yummy." He didn't mean it in an outwardly sexual way. He was saying that Grace was feeling good about herself, was relaxed and was flirting...feeling yummy......I LOVE IT. I am going to use this phrase often....

Strange new act of courage:
I am attempting to be healthier in general....I am not a big fruit or veggie eater, but I am trying to improve. A friend recommended eating fruit BEFORE my meals to help digestion etc.... if you eat fruit during or after, it sits too long in your stomach and ferments....wowsa.



I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL. The hubster and kiddies went to Patriots training camp. My boyfriend Tom Brady below...


"A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold."
Ogden Nash