Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tis the Season

I can't imagine what an alien would think of what transpired in my house from 2 days ago right up until this afternoon...

I think it would go something like this:

Alien to Alien leader:

I have been observing some crazy behavior from the life form below....she bought a huge birdlike creature cooked it, shared it with some people that she hardly ever sees then has been making crazy sandwitches and eating them morning, noon and night...

Next, she dragged out all of these boxes full of lights and made her husband get on a ladder and put them all over the house. The husband looked distressed the entire time as he was muttering under his breath as he climbed the ladder. There is a huge spotlight on her house and the neighbor was muttering under his breath when he saw her wreaths were up before his.

Then she took pictures of her children. The children did not look the least bit happy about getting their pictures taken. Apparently she is advertising for new parents for the children. She sent the pictures to at least 50 people.

Then she drank a concoction callled eggnog. Her eggnog had extra ingredients which made her wince when she drank it, but after a while she looked happy with rosey cheeks.

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