Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Dad has a Theory That I Just Witnessed in Person

My dad always said that my brothers and I always displayed odd behavior at Christmas time. We would pull out old toys that we ignored all year and suddenly had renewed interest.

Today, Cal is playing with her leap pad computer that she has IGNORED for 2 years. Cat is now playing with a science kit that has been sitting in the playroom shelves all year.

So what has happened?

2 Theories:

  1. My kids have been observing me eyeing toys to clear out of the playroom and closets in preparation for the next group of toys they will start ignoring 2 days after Christmas and suddenly want to demonstrate how much they love these misfit, ignored, toys.

  2. I have been asking them to look at the flyers for gift ideas from the grandparents that I need to send them so they can get going on their shopping. They are looking at these flyers and realizing that they already have a lot of these toys, but are merely ignoring them.

Any of this going on in your house?



bmxmom said...

Very interesting :)

WorksForMom said...

Me thinks your Dad was VERY wise! Let the holidaze begin!

Dana said...

Happens every year at my house!