Saturday, November 10, 2007

One Season Ends and Another Begins....

Congratulations to my girl Cat for a great Soccer Season. You were incredible to watch and showed mum and dad what a nice influence you are on your teamates, pulling them together and having fun. Great goal today and way to stay warm on a 40 degree day at 8am on a Saturday.

Now we start basketball. Mum and Dad know how well you did last year and are looking forward to another great season.

We love you

And to our little one Cal, please don't let your friend Ben put anymore Aquadots in your juice boxes on your playdates.


Wonders said...

What are AQUADOTS???????????????

Kris said...

Yes, yes...what are Aquadots?? I got a random email from a Mom at our school and they have been recalled.....why?