Thursday, November 8, 2007

Home Disasters-Guilty as Charged

Yes I have committed to blogging every day for the month of November. It is now day 8 and I am running out of things to chat about. Please forgive me for surfing the net for inspiration. I will try to wax philosophical soon...I promise. So while surfing the net, I did find a really fun article by Josh Garskof of This Old House, called Critter in your House? What to do. The article is really clever and funny and brings back reminders of some of the goofy things the hubster and I have been through over the years since we were first handed the keys to a home.

Story highlights

  • Household disasters range from critters to floods to frat boys

  • Basement full of water? Be careful of electrical feed

  • Didn't open fireplace damper? Use fire extinguisher, not water

Lets hear it, what goofy things have you done?

I have left the damper closed when I lit a wood stove in my finished basement. I also had my fireplace going upstairs and kept thinking "wow, it really smells smoky.." I went down stairs and the basement was filled with smoke, which I had to clear out of there before the hubster got home. It looked like an I Love Lucy sketch, as I cried and tried to fan the smoke out windows with my daughters snow sled.

However, the hubster is guilty too. In our first house, he realized he had to stain the deck. Instead of using deck stain, he used Minwax. Minwax is used to polyurethane furniture. He basically shellacked the deck. It looked like a shiny bureau.



TNMomof5 said...

I'm just picturing you waving that sled around trying to get the smoke out... Ok, I've stopped laughing :)

Wonders said...

Recently, I left the water in the basement sink running ALL NIGHT...when I woke up the floor was flooded with water....!

Dana said...

We had a floor furnace in one of our old houses and my son used to love to throw plastic toys on it. You wouldn't even know he had done it until you started to smell the burnt plastic. Good times.

Kris said...

I remember one beautiful fall day BK (before kids) when my hubster was weed-whacking in the yard.

I was sitting on the 3 season porch reading the paper when I could hear a very faint crackling noise.

I looked up to find that my entire sliding glass door was spidered in to a ga-jillion little minute pieces with one little entry hole in the corner.

The weed whacker had kicked up a tiny rock and sent it through the door.

I was was kinda cool to look at but my husband made that awful sound Homer Simpson makes when Bart pisses him off...."Doooow!" about a Blog with favorite martini recipes to get us ready for the Holidays!

Happy Friday!

Pam said...

The mental image of you with a sled...priceless!

Hey-just a thought to help with daily blogging...why not open it up to your post can be you asking them what they want to know about you/what they want you to blog about. Then when you don't have a bloggy ideas, answer one of those. Just a thought (and not one I can fully take credit for...another blog I read did that and I thought it was a great idea)

Alex Elliot said...

I accidentally turned the wrong burner on the stove and started a jar of peanut butter on fire. The fire department had to come with their huge fans to get all of the smoke out of my house.