Sunday, November 18, 2007

Amazing New Mini-Series

The Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel. I had heard some commercials and thought it looked interesting. Its on Sunday nights so I am usually in full blown "get ready for the week mean mommy mode." Last night the family and I watched the first episode "On Demand" and it was truly incredible and cheaper than a trip to the zoo. Warning for your little ones, it does show the true circle of life so there are adorable seals being gobbled in one bite by great white sharks in one scene. They do warn you subtly when there is a preditor situation so just cover any sensitive ones eyes. My 9 year old had a bit of a tough time, my 6 year old was routing for the shark "Cat, calm down, the shark has to eat too ya know!"

I think it is worth watching, and much more interesting than a lot of the shows on TV right now.


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