Saturday, August 11, 2007

What is an Uber-Mom?

I live in a upwardly mobile suburban area of Massachusetts. I moved here 12 years ago before I got married for no other reason than the taxes were low and for the commuter rail which was easy access to Boston for the hubster. I wasn't looking at schools, housing costs blah blah blah. I was looking to move out of my parents house and to marry Mike...that was pretty much it.
Funny thing happened on my way to my late thirties...the town boomed.

I had my 2 children and continued to work.

And about 3 years ago I had my first experience with sending my daughter to public school.

I also had my first experience with an Uber-Mom

On Cat's first day of Kindergarten I was approached by the soon to be named, classroom mom. I had no idea what that was, but apparently its someone who assists the teacher in getting information out to the parents etc...

To hide her identity, lets call her Becky...

Becky the room mom was dressed in full Talbots casual wear from head to toe. Her beautiful highlighted hair was flipped out on the bottom and neatly blow dried. Nails, subtle, but painted, clutching her Louis Vuitton backpack. Of course she was petite and drove the largest suburbanescaladevolvomobile I had ever seen.

I hated her instantly....jealous perhaps (hell YA)

Apparently Becky's daughter and Cat were in the same $60 a month ballet school together so we got to talking. Not only was Becky's daughter in ballet, she also did karate, soccer, daisies and piano.

My first thought "where do you find the time, what does your husband do for work and are they HIRING?"

After I sheepishly admitted that my daughter was only participating in ballet, Becky's mom requested the ever so popular play date So I knew my next statement was going to go over like a lead balloon.

"...Well, I work full time so it would need to be a Saturday or Sunday..." (cough cough) as I nervously shifted my eyes around the room to see if I was going to be thrown out for being a working mother.
"No problem, do you want to do it at my house or yours?" (yes she lived in a starter mansion)

As the years went on I watched Becky and realized she was truly Super aka Uber.

-Volunteered in the classroom constantly (she always got picked as room mom and to chaperone for field trips)
-Worked out in the best gym
-Perfect Straight hair that flipped at the bottom
-Said words like "terrific" and "super"
-Her kids were the first ones in school to have crocs
-Had lots of Southern Living home parties
-Called the Principal of our school by her first name (I never had the guts to do that)

If you are an Uber-mom, don't feel insulted...just feel envied!!!

As you can see by the image below...I am not all that UBER


"The disease of jealously is so malignant that is converts all it takes into its own nourishment...."

Joseph Addison


Aaron & Alaine said...

Great minds think alike - take a look at my true blue picture. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, especially w/all the grammar errors in that post!

I read with great interest your take on Uber moms. I have to admit, I painfully fall into neither category - or maybe the lonely mommy. I am a consultant, but I also did a fair amount for the class - without Talbots, use of the gym, or a dining room set. (My envy of choice for playdates.)

I have decided that jealousy is an odd thing - as I have been told stories from the other side too. I have decided to believe we all do the best we can do, and poor kidlets, they still don't own Croc's.

Too Cool for School said...


Oh don't envy uber-mom. What's the highlight of her day? Going to the gym? Getting her nails done? I have a clique like that I hang out with on Fridays (my day off), and I can tell you these women are boring as hell and not particularly fulfilled.

For each struggle that working mothers endure, there's a correlary feeling of triumph when you succeed. When you come home after kicking *ss at work, and see your children's smiling faces. You're the uber mom.

Dawn said...

Obviously she has her hair done to hide all the gray. And she probably has a B.O. problem and a rash on her butt (we can pretend here, right?) And if she was Uber at all, her kids wouldn't be wearing Crocs. They'd be wearing cute little clogs from Hanna Anderson. I think she's just a wannabe-working-mom-who-has-it-all (which you are), so don't be jealous! ;)