Thursday, August 30, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

Coach: How's life treating you Norm?
Norm: Like it caught me in bed with its wife.

Coach: How's life treating you Norm?
Norm: Like I just ran over its dog.

The Scene: My house, 8:30 pm EDT August 29th

Hubby was supposed to stay home today (which is like a day off for me) so he could get some stuff done around the house, grocery shop...blah blah...(he is a good boy that hubster of mine)...He logged into work to put his out of office on and found out he needed to go in today, which instantly put him in a rotten mood. I realized I would have to be on the ball in the morning so I really should have put down that 4th Amstel light I was guzzling.

Cat announced that she has read 62 pages in her new book for school. Which was odd, since she only read for 20 minutes. She asked me to sign her homework sheet saying she read..hmm ..ok...lets review what she read. She couldn't recall the main characters names, where the story took place or the plot of the story...of course the Cat/Mom fight insued which has been a theme in my house since she turned...9.

So I stayed up last night to watch the Red Sox vs Yankees....and well didn't work out the way I wanted it....A-Rod hit a home run to add insult to didn't sleep well...

This photo is an old one, but I love it and will always post it when talking about the Yankees

This morning...God only knows what hour it was dark that's all I know. I wake to find the hubster standing at my bedside in boxers and big rubber boots on....

Now this could only mean 1 of 2 things.................

my first thought was "Yay ...some kinky role playing at 5:30 am on a Thursday..."

Not quite

When I finally came to my senses I realized that somewhere in my house there was water deep enough for my husband to be wearing boots.....

BASEMENT...into the playroom, very leaky pipe......

My only hope that this day will not be completely ruined is if my fellow blogster Kristine and I have an enjoyable time at the Pats preseason game this evening and she pumps me full of margaritas...

A kiss from Tom Brady would be nice as well


"Each misfortune you encounter will carry in it the seed of tomorrow's good luck" ~Og Mandino

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