Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Random thoughts on a Weds....

Woke up with a lovely head cold. Its 92 degrees with high humidity which is making the situation challenging.......blech

So now that I have doped myself up on cold medication so I can breathe slightly, here are my random thoughts of the day.

I Love Spongebob for the following reasons:

1) He is honest

2) He is a loyal friend

3) He is positive

4) He loves his job

5) He is in Wikipedia

6) Snappy dresser

7) He likes to swear

8) Masterful cook

9) Proud Pet owner

10)Good driver (he can drive blindfolded)

Recommendation of the day:
I am trying to drop some pounds..... Lean Cuisine chicken, spinach and mushroom Panini...very nice... (panini is in wikipedia love love wikipedia....)

Quote/Phrase of the day....
One of my co-workers noticed another co-worker acting flirty. He described this act as "feeling yummy"..... "Look at Grace, she is feeling yummy." He didn't mean it in an outwardly sexual way. He was saying that Grace was feeling good about herself, was relaxed and was flirting...feeling yummy......I LOVE IT. I am going to use this phrase often....

Strange new act of courage:
I am attempting to be healthier in general....I am not a big fruit or veggie eater, but I am trying to improve. A friend recommended eating fruit BEFORE my meals to help digestion etc.... if you eat fruit during or after, it sits too long in your stomach and ferments....wowsa.



I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL. The hubster and kiddies went to Patriots training camp. My boyfriend Tom Brady below...


"A family is a unit composed not only of children but of men, women, an occasional animal, and the common cold."
Ogden Nash


Dana said...

I wonder if I can fit "feeling yummy" into a conversations tomorrow.....

Kris said...

...idea for a new Blog...

"I love Tom Brady for the following reasons..."

Do it!!

Aaron & Alaine said...

Randomly Thoughtful I'd say...much enjoyment is coming from your blog! My girly girl is being immersed in sports to balance the braniac focus...and I so appreciate your willingness to let children be true to themselves. After 4 years of heartfelt ballet, I've decided I can't take the lessons through her - so we're now swimming (I'm a sinker) and doing gymnastics. own random thoughts sparked by you!