Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox 2007 World Series Champs

I have been a die hard Red Sox fan for as long as I can remember (raised with 2 brothers, no sisters, didn't have much of a choice)

I never thought I would get over 1986. They broke my heart and I said I would never watch another game....Then came 2004....

Now 2007

This series was great. I have to hand it to Francona, he is truly a great manager and managed the team well during the season.

My new love, Mike classy and talented is he. To me he represents what I love about Baseball, a gentleman's game. He's Rhett Butler, he's a Chanel suit, he's Mr October. He's our MVP for the 2007 series. I hope we can keep him.

And another shout out to our newest player, Jacoby Ellsbury. Smart, fast, talented, poised and ok, I'll admit...not painful to look at either. He's got a huge career ahead of him.

Fred Lynn of the millenium?

Couple of things I could do without

Fox announcers annoying, Joe Buck...just annoying

Fox cutting away from Schilling leaving the mound in a Red Sox uniform for the last time.

Taco Bell commercials, not funny, not funny, not funny

A-Rod or Scott Boras (agent) deciding to announce becoming a free agent during Game 4, are you kidding me???

"Pay attention to me!!"

For now, I will bask....

Next stop Superbowl



WorksForMom said...

I so get this post. We puffy heart the Red Sox too!

Kris said...

...and with my first batch of chili being made this weekend, I am settling nicely into football season (and of course, hockey season, too!)