Friday, October 5, 2007

A "Non" Vent for a Friday

Since I ended last week on such a sour note. I thought it would be nice to make some positive remarks to end this week with.

A Blog Mama who I stumbled upon over the summer who not only is a kind supporter of my blog but has a very funny, irreverant and insightful blog of her own. Please swing by and visit Life Turned Upside Down and read Dana's blog. You will enjoy it temendously.

Another one of my favorite sites is Work It Mom, since I am a working mom and love to hear their ideas and share my pain or is it guilt or is it both?? A recent addition to Work It Mom is Laura who turned me on to a new cause worth looking into called The Growth Act. The GROWTH Act would shape US assistance and trade policy to empower women in these areas: Small Business: Help poor women start and grow their own businesses Property Rights: Help increase women's land and property rights Wages and Working Conditions: Help improve women’s wages and working conditions by emphasizing training and education Access to Global Trade: Ensure that increased trade benefits women and families living in poverty. Local Women’s Organizations: Encourage U.S. agencies to recognize women and to work with local organizations that focus on women's needs. Sounds good right??? Check it out!

Ok, for those of you who like beer with a twist and since it is still in the mid 80's in New England again this week, I recommend drinking a very cold Raspberry Hefeweizen by New England's own Harpoon Brewery. I am having one now and will probably have a few more as I watch....

.......yes the Red Sox... Which picture to post ? Big Papi is my daughter's favorite. Mike Lowell has had an incredible season. Jacoby Ellsbury is just the cutest and most talented New England newcomer I have seen since Tom Brady.... but I have to post the hero of Wedneday night's game, Josh Beckett (not painful on the eyes either).

Another recommendation, If I haven't put you to sleep with my product endorsement and blatent (almost) middle aged horniness is the book I just completed for book club. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. I never read the Kite Runner, and to add a very provincial statement, I was a bit intimidated about reading a story that takes place in the Middle East since I have little understanding of the culture etc... I absolutely loved this book. Regardless of where it takes place or the cultural divide between my life and the character's lives, it deals with love, the human spirit, sisterhood, motherhood and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the book. Please read it!!!

And GOOD LUCK to my other obsession...the Patriots on Sunday.
and Kudos to beating the Bengals



Pam said...

thanks for stopping by my site and leaving some kind, support! I love finding new blog friends and new blogs to read...I'll be stopping by!

Daisy said...

The raspberry beer, believe it or not, sounds great! One of our favorites (Husband is a beer aficionado) is a New Glarus beer with cherry in it. It's almost winelike, but definitely a beer.

Dana said...

Thanks for the link!

I don't know if we can get that beer down here but it sounds really good. I'll have to check the liquor store on my way home.