Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hairy Situation

Today during coffee hour after church, I happened to make eye contact with a woman who gave me a warm, almost amused smile on this rainy Sunday. She later approached me while I was in line for coffee to tell me that she liked my hair because its all "poufy" like Sarah Palin's. I was a bit embarrassed as I usually am when anyone brings up the painful subject of my hair, so I smiled and said "thank you." But unfortunately that didn't end it... The woman went on to say that unlike Sarah Palin, my hair was frizzy. At that point I decided to correct her by saying "you mean curly..." and she smiled and said "oh yeah, that too."

Painful subject? My hair? Yes. I was "blessed" with a massive amount of EXTREMELY curly hair. It was very curly as a child, then morphed into somewhat wavy, then after my second daughter was born went back to being curly.... not sure why, but that's just the way it is. And once we left the big haired 80's and spiral perms were out of fashion, I was out of luck.

"Yes, I know how to blow dry my hair straight." Is the usual response to hair dressers when I meet them for the first time. Not a concept I haven't explored over the years as I own every product on the market to do so. I can consistently straighten my hair well in winter when the air in New England is cool, crisp and most importantly...dry. But for the rest if the seasons, we are talking Shirley Temple.

And while we are talking about celebrities with curly hair. I can't begin to tell you the angst I feel when my fellow curly tops like Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kyra Sedgwick straighten their locks. I feel so abandoned.... What I wouldn't give for poker straight, shiny, not affected my humidity hair. And I have given plenty as I went through a phase where every 6 weeks or so, I would get it chemically straightened.

For those of you who consider this a vain apologies.

Its just a subject that is brought to my attention on a weekly basis. I kid you not...a week does not go by without someone making a comment about my hair....good, bad, but usually some sort of weird backhanded compliment.

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