Monday, April 28, 2008

TV Turnoff Week-I am not Drinking this Kool-Aid


So I moved to the new school 3 years ago. The week after Spring Break, the children pledge to turn off TV for a week. This is to encourage kids to do things other than watch television or play video games.

Alright, alright...I get it. Lets read, play games and bond as a family. Well, that went out the window already. Its pouring rain outside and trying to play a game with a 10 year old and 6 year old can be just a bit challenging considering the differences in reading and attention skills.

I work full time, so my kids are in an after school program with no TV or video games. We get home, cook dinner, go over homework and read stories before bed. Should be easier for me right? I should be able to cope right? Well, I have no brain left by the end of the day and all my kids want to do is "veg out." Don't you think they should be able to? Not tonight, we colored, cooked dinner...talked...then....they started karate chopping everything in the house.
I have donated to the classroom, I voted for the override that got passed last year, I am sending in a non food item for Cal's birthday (cupcakes have been banned from our uberschool), I am sending in cash donations and scrapbook pages for teacher appreciation it too much to ask to let my kids watch 20 minutes of i-Carly so I can get dinner on the table?

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stephanie said...


I say you make t-shirts for your kids that say WE HEART TV! SO BITE IT.

Wow. I think you do plenty without feeling the need to bend here. (Can you tell I'm about done with the school year, too??)