Sunday, April 20, 2008

23 too old? Boston Marathon and Mommy outfits

Reuters reports "Harry Potter" heroine Emma Watson is attached to star in the period romance "Napoleon and Betsy," replacing Scarlett Johansson who was deemed too old for the role. Ok, Emma Watson is 18, Scarlett Johansson is 23. Yikes, I could see perhaps Meg Ryan or Julia Roberts not taking the role. But 23 too old. Wowsa! Being on the cusp of 40...I feel like 23 isn't too old to do anything. Remember 23?...I do...good times.

Monday is Marathon Day in Boston. It may sound lame to cheer on thousands and thousands of people running in the same direction, but I LOVE IT. I have been going to the marathon since I was a child. Now the hubster and I bring the girls. We go for a picnic in Natick and do a little fishing, then head on to Wellesley College to cheer on the runners. By the 13th mile the runners are pretty thirsty so my kids come armed with oranges and water bottles and are thrilled when runners grab them. Kudos to my co-worker and friend Steve Walker who will be running his 7th marathon. He has a great website if you are a runner.

My sneakers are wearing out quickly. Although I no longer run, I do walk on my lunchbreaks at work. I caved in and went to my local sporting goods store to pick up some new sneakers. My younger daughter, Cal, noticed some capri workout pants with a matching t-shirt. She insisted I try them on. They fit and were comfy, Cal perked up and said "oh mom, now you look like the other mommies." I was not sure how to take that. I did buy the outfit, it seemed like a good outfit to wear out on Saturdays to Cat's softball games etc... I don't have a ton of casual clothes. My work out clothes consist of old t-shirts and cut off sweat pants...not pretty. The "outfit" makes me feel totally uncomfortable, yet it made my hubster and kids feel more comfortable. So I think to I a totally deluded ass trying to hang on to my youth, just wear the freakin "Talbot, uberworkout, wannabe, minivan, caprisweatpant, matching yellow shirt nightmare."

It's still in my bureau......


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stephanie said...

Ooh, this is a hard one to figure. I would have to go with comfortable to my own self.

In fact, my man makes weird faces at me about the Ed Hardy sneakers I bought in Vegas last week, but they make me feel hip & hot. That should be enough for him :)