Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Elisabeth!
This is my daughter, Elisabeth, and she is 5 today! I think turning 5 is one of the best birthdays to have. She knows she will be going to kindergarten at her big brother's school.......the one that ALL the kids in the neighborhood go to!

She knows she is finally 5 and has caught up to her best friend, I'll call her "Susie", who is two months older than her......"Mom, why does SHE get to be 5 and I still have to be 4??!!" Try explaining that it's because "Susie's" mom was pregnant two months earlier than I was.....

I have fond memories of the day she was born.....
My husband played hockey the night before so I let him sleep in and chose to drive myself to my induction. Hubby dropped my son off at preschool and came in just after they started to give me some pitocin (sp?).
I labored uneventfully from 9am until exactly 3pm........I pushed from 3:00-4:00......and voila!!!!

....a 9lb. 6oz. screaming baby girl!
A boy & a girl....and we are done!

Happy Birthday, Libby!


Don Mills Diva said...

What a cuite! Happy birthday Elisabeth!

Don Mills Diva said...


bmxmom said...

Happy Birthday Elisabeth :)

TNMomof5 said...

What a pretty girl... Happy birthday!