Saturday, December 1, 2007

That's why I Love Julia

I knew she had a little crazy soccer mom in her like me!!!

Julia Roberts has chased down paparazzi that were snapping pictures of her near a school. She chased them down and told them to "knock it off."

I am the first to admit, while waiting in the supermarket line I will take a look at Britney walking out of Starbucks, barefoot with no underpants, but I do not envy what these actors and actresses have to go through with the paparazzi. I for one say "kudos to Julia!" I am biased, however, I love her and I think she is my soul sister. Have you ever seen the movie Notting Hill when Hugh Grant's sister is obsessed with Julia...yeah that's me.


Anonymous said...


MinneapolisMom said...

OMG! Me TOO!! I got sent to Taos, New Mexico on a business trip a few years ago (I know..a business trip to Taos!?), and I found a wine bar that claimed she comes in a lot. I sat there every friggin' night because I just wanted to see her. My co-worker was like "and we are stalking her WHY?" and I said "just so I can say "hi". Never did see her, but don't you think she'd be the coolest person to just hang out with!?

Kris said...

I am coming back as Nicole Kidman in my next life.

I used to say that because she was married to Tom Cruise and he had been my obsession ever since he slid across the floor in his underwear & a shirt (ask my mother, no lie) he's just crazy. Good luck to Katie.

But now I say that because she seems 'normal' under it all. Not to mention that she is stunning and she is a fabulous actress....and it doesn't hurt that she hangs out with Russell Crowe (cu-tie pie!).

Wonders said...

I don't think it's fair either...and I don't think it's healthy for us all to know the ins and outs of their lives....

Dana said...

Ooh, I love Julia too!

My husband and I had a conversation just this past weekend about how maybe if some of the celebrities had a little more privacy they wouldn't do some of the stupid things that they do.