Saturday, December 1, 2007

Its a Sign from Julia!!!!

Ok back to what I blogged about this morning....Julia Roberts....

I flicked on the TV and Notting Hill is on...its a sign....

Julia Roberts and I are soul sisters for the following reasons:
1) We both have curly hair (twins I tell ya twins!!)

2) We both straighten our hair (can you believe it????)

3)We both have given birth!!! (coincidence??? I think not)

4) We both wear wigs and pretend to be prostitutes (uncanny)

(just to qualify that statement, I wasn't ACTUALLY dressed as a prostitute, but I did have wig with bangs and did some pretty sleezy things at the party)

5) We were both married to Lyle Lovett..
Wait a, but ...I once listened to Lyle Lovett on the radio by accident

6) We both hang out with people named George, yup the custodial engineer at my company is named George!!!

7) We both like the movie Steel Magnolias (I mean she must like that movie right???) and I once thought I was having a diabetic seizure after eating too many mentos and I have been known to drool orange juice out of my mouth.... (remember that scene???)

8) We both have strange families

9) I once made my friend to Karoke when she didn't want to and neither of us have a chance in hell of hooking up with Rupert Everett

10)We both hate Rachel Ray.... Well I am not sure if Julia does for certain, but come on, I'll bet she hates Rachel Ray.

Oh and lastly # 11!!!

We both have 3 best friends who drink cosmopolitans and hang out in New York City and share our lives and their names are Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha!!! YES the similarities are striking... We both have been intimate with people named Mr Big (or well perhaps that is the pet name of something I keep in my nightstand..)

Wait a minute.. that's Carrie Bradshaw...ummm

Maybe she's my soul sister... umm

Sorry never mind



MinneapolisMom said...

LMAO!!! That is hilarious~

armywife said...

ROFL....This IS hilarious!!

WorksForMom said...

Oh my, this truly was HEE~LARIOUS Julia. :)

Kris said... get to be Carrie if I get to be Charlotte....

Dana said...

I dunno know, I think you look just like her; especially the wig picture!