Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's Time for HOCKEY! as predicted, I am writing about hockey.

Today is our first game of the season.

I have volunteered to be the Team Mom again this year....but now the BOD has decided to call us Team Managers....very official sounding.

I am in charge of all the social aspects of team. We will go to a Bruins game....have a Holiday Party....go out to breakfast after 6am practices (which we have tomorrow).....providing snacks after each game....

Get the picture?

Many people back up and keep a safe distance when someone mentions that they are a hockey parent. Rumor has it that we are all crazy. As Trish can tell you, I am not crazy. But I am passionate......BIG difference!

I know you have seen reports on the news about 'incidents' at the rink between parents or players....but the truth is....those people who give the sport a bad name, are in the minority.

I compare it to flying in an airplane. Thousands & thousands of flights all over the world fly day after day....without anyone really noticing. When there is a tragedy with one of these planes, it is reported for days!

Understandably so.......

Same with hockey......

When one of these idiotic parents becomes out of's all over the news. The fact of the matter is, there are thousands of youth hockey players and parents, playing in and attending games, all over the country and in many other countries, day after day and are able to do so without a problem. There are many, many of us that behave as adults should behave and we teach our little hockey players the same.

It's been quite the opposite, of those reported incidents, in many situations....I've had parents from other teams come over to our team parents after a game and compliment a goalie's efforts & such. There are many of us that just want to see the kids have fun!

If my son ever behaved in a disrespectful or violent manner before, during or after a game or practice, it could quite possibly be the end of his skating days!

Hockey is a wonderful sport that keeps kids is great physical shape (as it is reported that so many kids are overweight in this country). My son has high cholesterol is it is an essential part of maintaining good health for him. Hockey teaches kids invaluable lessons about team work, respect, self control and it gives them a feeling of self-worth so they become more confident in other aspects of their life. My son shocked us this week.....he is campaigning for Student Council VP!!!!! Now, that's not something he got from either one of his parents...LOL!

So all I am asking is to keep and open mind and try to think of all us hockey parents as individuals and not one big mob of crazed parents.

Ask Trish.....she has met so many of my hockey friends and they are a really fun bunch!

Happy Fall Sports to Everyone!!!! ...whether you are heading to a hockey rink, soccer field, football field or gymnasium for volleyball......teach the kids how to behave & treat others by being their example.

Stay positive!

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Trish K said...

Go Franklin Flyers. I look forward to being the team mascot year 2 so I can attend the after parties...


I will never wear one of those scarves Kristine....