Monday, September 10, 2007

I Just Can't Resist--Britney, Vanessa Hudgens and Phil Simms

Oh my word....

What do Britney, Vanessa Hudgens and Phil Simms have in common? Nothing, just something I want to blog about this morning....

(that backup dancer to the right looks as confused as I was)

First off, Britney Spears... what can I say. I thought to myself, "this is either going to be an opportunity for the comeback of all time or a train wreck..." Unfortunately it was the latter. I am not a huge Britney fan, but am a fan of these train wrecks that seem to be happening over and over in twenty something pop culture bracket. She looked about as uncomfortable performing as I felt watching it. She looked like a tired stripper. Does she not have a good manager or publicist or even a friend who could have told her..."hey this isn't a good idea?" Don't we all have one of those friends who can say to us "Trish, those lime green crocs make you look like an idiot" or "you may want to re-think wearing leggings now that you are in your late 30's"?

Secondly, Vanessa Hudgens.... For those of us who have tween children, High School Musical 2 has become a staple in the household. A nice squeaky clean movie that has been watched in my house at least 10 times since its premier last month. And now, we have nude photos of Miss Hudgens all over the internet....say it isn't so Gabriella?

Kudos for joining the 20something train wreck team.... Just kidding. What do I think? I think it was a very timely and calculated move to get out of a Disney contract. Ready to move on to bigger and better things. She apologized....I will move on. But I am happy to note that the painful brazilian waxes seem to be on the way out.... time to grow the landing strips back in ladies.


The Patriots...way to go on their first win of the season. But let me tell you, I am sick to death of Phil Simms and his blatent negativity against the Patriots, in particular, Tom Brady. Whenever CBS is broadcasting a game, I get to hear this goofball making negative remarks about the Pats. I understand that no one likes a DYNASTY and I am sure that there are folks out there ready for Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to fall, but come on...the Patriots are AWESOME.

Couldn't ya just bite him.....

RANDY MOSS..impressive



Dana said...

When I watched the Britanny video on-line yesterday, I thought I had mistakenly gone to a porn site. Then, I noticed that the acting was so much worse than any porn movie could ever be.

Too Cool for School said...

I'm with you re Britney and Vanessa, but sorry, this mama is on Team Bridget. Oh and I live in Boston, so I get it. The media doesn't respect the Pats. Whatevs. Can't get too worked up about it.