Monday, September 3, 2007

HBO Tell Me You Love Me

So after the mourning period after Rome was cancelled, Sex and the City went off the air and The Sopranos wrapped up....I have been searching for a reason to keep HBO. After an ill fated attempt to get into John from Cincinnati (which I liked but.....never quite understood), I found a new show, Tell Me You Love Me .

Holy Smokes

3 different couples dealing with one kind of sexual identity crisis or another, all going to a sex therapist (well it looks like that is the direction this show is going in). The 60 something therapist has quite the sex life herself as well. Not a comedy, not a reality show...a drama.

OK, can we talk?

Can we say full frontal MALE nudity? All couples are in committed relationships which makes it seem less dirty. And it truly wasn't dirty at all. It was more about intimacy...but


It was kind of like porn for women.

In the course of 55 minutes

I saw the following:
2 full frontal men (one of the guys showed it twice)
2 full frontal women
a rather large set of .....(cough cough) balls
a 60 year old giving her husband....well you know
a 30 something giving her husband another kind of job plus the "output of the job"
6 sex scenes which made the show average, a sex scene every 9 minutes.

I actually blushed... and I am not a prude....

Very intriguing.

You can watch it "On Demand," they actually have not officially aired the show. The premier is Sept 9th.

Will I watch it next weekend you ask?

And you can bet your balls I will


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Kris said...

When is it on?

I'll be sure to tell hubby I am having "tea" at your house.

...or maybe "book club".