Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mother of the Year...please step forward

Part of being "mother of the year" now 10 years and running was priding myself on the fact that my 2 children rarely got into bed with me and the hubster. After a short "ferberization" as a toddler, Cat was a sound sleeper and Cal just wore herself out so severely she rarely got out of bed for any reason.

Thus the extreme patting on the back for myself whenever I heard tales of woe regarding hard sleepers. I think to myself ...I am a good mother...I must be doing something right...RESILIANT CHILDREN=GOOD PARENTING

Not so fast...

Last week, we ventured to Salem, MA for a haunting good time.

We went to the Witch Museum, shopped and took in the local Halloween fun. I was very careful to make sure that we didn't do anything that would frighten the kids...

Then... it happened....I was in a gift shop with my 2 girls and I heard a "tap tap tap" on the window. I looked up to see a 300lb man with a bloody clown mask on and a huge wooden mallet waving to us. Like any good mother I took off as fast as I could across the store out of harms way....without my children. He worked at the store, but regardless...I did completely abandon my children with the scary clown

Then once I came to my senses and gathered up my children to move on to some more shops, we happened upon a haunted house type of area... I was minding my own business (I was staring at really cute witch hats actually) when a man dressed like a mad scientist popped out of a door and grabbed me and said "what are you doing" (no doubt another person in character). This time I screamed and went into a full sprint. At this point, my husband was there with the kids, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was every man (or child) for themselves.

So in conclusion, I realize that my kids are completely resilient due to the fact that they know their mom offers absolutely no protection for them in the event of "the boogeyman." Crawling in bed with mom and dad offers little comfort as I am the biggest "fraidy cat" on the planet.

I will take my mother of the year award now...thank you


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