Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eat Your Veggies


Every once in a while, I go into complete freak out mode and pick some "project" to torture my family, such as the following:
  • project vitamins
  • project laundry
  • project clean closets
  • project outside toys
  • project no TV

So I have recently decided that I need to revamp what my family is eating. This comes as a direct result of a week of hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages....basically any unhealthy meat you can eat and smother with cheese.
Let "project vegetable" begin.

So I decided to look up the Jessica Seinfeld Book Deceptively Delicious. The whole concept being puree some spinach and hide it in a french fry or brownie and "nom nom nom" chow away. Probably won't work, but like all other projects I will try it, torture my family with it and let it die a slow and timely death.

Did I mention, I pretty much dislike vegetables

OK, so I went on line to see the reviews of this book. I really just want to see if this will work or not. Meaning if I bite into a delicious looking chocolate chip cookie, will I notice the chick peas inside of it?

Wow, there are a lot of angry nutritionists out there.

"Shame on you for trying to deceive your children"
"You need to teach them the food pyramid"

OK, I get it, I get it. My kids understand the importance of fruits and veggies, blah blah blah. So do I. They just don't taste that great to me, unless I smother them with butter or some kind of cheese sauce. So, I will smother cheese sauce on carrots and give them to my kids.

"Gee T, your daughter has high cholesterol but her eye site is great"

And yes, I do give my kids fruits in their lunchbox and veggies at dinner.

But wouldn't it be fabulous if I could hide some broccoli in a Popsicle?

I ordered the book from the author that is suing Jessica Seinfeld instead (got less angry reviews). I will let you know how "project vegetable" progresses.

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