Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last Man Standing

And then there were 7.....
Three cheers to the 7 that remained at 3am in Trish's backyard at the conclusion of the Event of the Year on Rona Lane...Trish's 40th birthday party bash!
I am sure that when Trish's head stops pounding today....or even tomorrow....she will post a story & some pictures and tell you, like only she can do, about all of the party happenings.
In the mean time.....
Love, KC


stephanie (bad mom) said...

Happy happy! Looking forward to hearing how you celebrated - my 4-0 is in August. I'm going to Europe for two weeks then thinking about a rollerskating party and cocktails on my actual birthday. Please weigh in on that idea.


Kris said...

Love the idea of a roller skating party! Including cocktails will make it interesting!!

My 40th is in November...let's hope Hubby doesn't drop the ball like he did for our 10th wedding anniversary last October.

I've already submitted my request....a very small gathering of friends at home and then a weekend in Boston for quality time & a Bruins game.