Friday, May 16, 2008


May 30th Sex and the City movie....

Can I just share that I am their #1 fan...I am .....really

As a matter of fact, while I type this blog I feel slightly transformed into my own version of Carrie. Am I in a cool NYC apartment wearing men's briefs (season 4), typing away pretending there is a voice over going on "I couldn't help but wonder..."?


Actually, I am in my office, thinking about my list of "un-hip" activities that I will be doing this weekend (birthday parties, coaching softball, cleaning my minivan). There is no voice over, except for my neighbor across the hall talking about our slightly dull jobs. I am wearing flats, and not even cool ones at that.

So that being said... I will share with you some SATC facts about me

  • I feel like I am a cross between Miranda and Carrie.

  • I love cosmopolitans

  • I always liked Big better than Aiden and Alexander

  • I thought the season finale was PERFECT, I cried at every storyline wrap-up

  • I am a bit dubious about the movie, but I am going to see the first showing

  • I like Carrie's hair the best in Season 3 "c c c curly"

Favorite Episodes by Season

Season 1

The Baby Shower-How funny were the ubermoms in that one

best quote: "she 'f' on that couch she buys it" (Samantha)

"isn't that how you got the couch from me?" (Carrie)

Season 2

Ex and the City-Any episode that references "The Way We Were" is good in my book

best quote: "When did you stop calling her the idiot stick figure with no soul?"(Miranda)

Season 3 (the season where they really hit their stride)

Are We Sluts? First episode I had ever seen and I WAS CRYING I was laughing so hard

best quote: "you "f"ing bitch you "f"ing whore" (Charlotte's lover)

Season 4

The Good Fight-Demonstrates the best ever fight between men and women (Carrie and Aiden)

best quote: "No no no I'm leaving so you can knock yourself out with your shoe eating dog, while your puttin' on the Speed Stick and the Rogaine"

Season 5

I Love a Charade-I love when Miranda smells the lilacs and sleeps with Steve (huge Steve fan)

best quote "Mr. Broadway has to tinkle"? That must be the gayest sentence ever uttered" (Miranda)

Season 6

I think the finale would be cheating...its a given that the finale is my favorite, so we won't count that one

One-Again, love the Miranda and Steve plot line as well as Carrie's first date with Petrovsky

best quote: "No one wants to "f" grandma's p...y" (Samantha)

Thanks for sharing in my obsession

Will be obsessing more before the movie premier!!!! probably with more quotes


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stephanie said...

I really wish I had gotten in on the SATC love. I watched one episode on a flight from Bangkok to Guangzhou; it was quite intriguing but then my real life took over again and I didn't make time...*sigh*