Friday, March 7, 2008

Sex on a Stick

I love how dorky I look in this picture

I went to a wedding last summer. It was to celebrate the wedding of an old college friend of my husband's. One of the people that attended the wedding was a bartender from a local Irish pub that we all frequented...his name is Barry. Barry wasn't the best looking man I had ever seen. But there was something about him. The Irish accent? Perhaps....Was it the lascivious look he gave the maid of honor when she came strolling down the aisle? Perhaps..... But there was something about Barry that made the women at the reception go wild...including me. I didn't do anything inappropriate. I just wanted a dance with Barry...and so did most of the women who attended the wedding. Barry oooozed raw sexuality.

The following Monday at work, still flustered and a bit confused about my need to dance with Barry at the wedding, I told my friend Alicia the story.

"Oh, he was Sex on a Stick"
"Sex on a Stick"

Sex on a Stick is a guy who eminates raw sexuality. Like Barry, he doesn't have to be the best looking man in the room, they just have a certain vibe, level of masculinity, sexuality....just something that makes them....Sex on a Stick. Someone who will give you the night of your life and swiftly be done with you and you are ok with that. Sex on a Stick doesn't buy flowers, or spoon or take the kids to the bus...and that is ok with me.

Who is Sex on a Stick.... well that could differ. But here are my examples

Tom Brady? NO-although I lust after him, he's too pretty

Trace Atkins? Yes, deep voice, tall...something very sexy
Brad Pitt? Again, no, no not sex on a stick

The guy from lipstick jungle, Brook Shield's husband...definitely sex on a stick

Javier Bardem? Oh yeah....SOS baby!!!

See where I am going with this?

Do you agree?

Ever have an SOS experience?



Don Mills Diva said...

Javier Bardem - oh yeah baby!

stephanie said...

Well done with the explanation. Whoa.

My SOS is James Marsters when he played Spike on "Buffy." I would unflinchingly become undead for him.