Thursday, July 12, 2007

Notes from the Minivan

This is my first post...bear with me.

About me:
I am a mom and a wife, barely hanging on to my thirties (as my husband Mike of 11 years often likes to remind me). I have 2 daughters Cat (9) and Cal (6).

I can't believe I have 2 girls who are so different than one another...I thought I did everything the same....they crack me up. I am very far from be careful of emulating anything you may see on this blog. I drive a minivan that I have grown to hate while listening to alternative rock in an attempt to regain my youth (today it was The Smiths-a common thread you will see in my blogs). I sneak out at work and smoke the occassional Parliament as some sort of rebellion. I enjoy the occassional dirty martini and the more than occassional Amstel light. I am in love with Tom Brady and recently had a "dream" about Derek Jeter AND Alex Rodriguez which is strange since I am a staunch Red Sox fan....(I admit, I was smiling in my dream, I think....).

I would like to think of myself as a good parent. Anyone who says parenting is fun or rewarding 100% of the time is lying through their teeth...sorry, but its true. I sometimes say the dreaded "because I said so," use what is called "the goon hand" to remove my girls from different situations (I will explain the goon hand in a different blog) and have on occassion given them bowls of cereal for dinner in front of the TV when no one in the household can remotely deal with each other at a "formal sitdown." Oh well, I do try...sometimes too hard.

The hubby:
From my perspective, we have a healthy marriage....I will define "healthy" in a later blog I am sure. He seems happy...I guess :)

Here's the thing:
I work outside the home. I hope that does not seem controversial to anyone reading this blog. If this offends you in any way....stop reading...this might not be the place for you....

Why the blog:
Perhaps I am trying to compete with the teenage girls in the "hood" with their myspace pages. It's possible that I have subconcioius guilt over the fact that I spent my parents hard earned money on an English degree, that I really don't use. Sometimes when I am making the trek into work I think how funny my life is, mostly due to parenting, marriage, my hysterical friends....and I want to write it down. I think of myself as an aging Carrie Bradshaw wannabe....yeah...that works.

You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.
Dave Barry (1947 - )


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