Friday, July 20, 2007

Do men really do this?

During certain times of the evening while I am watching TV (usually during the Red Sox-go figure?) I have noticed a commercial that really makes me laugh....Flomax. The product is for men with enlarged prostates. Now I am not saying its a bad product or that I am not sympathetic for men who are experiencing urinary symptoms due to an enlarged prostate....but...

Do older men really hang out together that much? Do they all get together with their enlarged prostate on board and go canoeing or biking with other guys? Is this an attempt to tap into the idea that 60 is the new 40 or the new trend of "mancations" and bonding with fellow guys? Is it hip to have an enlarged prostate?

Or what about the Levitra commercials for "ED" the cool phrase for impotence showing these handsome older men in sweaters with the actractive wife giving her a lascivious gaze.


What if they are taking both medications at once? Do they go spelunking with their 60 somthing friends then pop another pill, rush home to the Mrs. and put on some easy listening and cuddle?

Is this my future? 20 years from now is my darling husband going to be mountain climbing with his "buddies" and enlarged prostate? Will I be hiding in the minivan while he chases me down with his "erection that may last for more than 4 hours."

I guess I will have to check myself in 15-20 years to see if I feel the same way....


"What most persons consider as virtue, after the age of 40 is simply a loss of energy."



Stacy said...

You are so funny - I have noticed these commercials, too (While watching the Red Sox with my husband).

By the way, I love your Will Ferrell "cowbell" video clip. That is one of my favorite SNL clips :)

"I've got a fever, baby. And the only prescription is more cowbell" (or Flowmax)

Lorraine said...

In 20 years you may want your husband to chase you down a mountain side with an erection that last four hours. Now why he would be popping pills on the side of mountain to have this erection with a group of men is scary!